Tuesday, 29 January 2013

1. I helped someone!  And they responded. I love it when people on Twitter (even huge people - and by that, I mean people with huge followings) act like humans and treat their fellow humans the way they might want to be treated themselves.

2. On my way to my dad's, I pass my uncle's stepdaughter (easiest way of explaining it :) ) visiting the post office with her class. I seem to remember her being shy and reserved when we first met years ago. Today, she spots me down the street, waves like a maniac and gives me the biggest grin.

3. I feel bad checking on dad's dog for half an hour and then leaving him alone again, so I take him out for a walk. He's so excited to be out! He initially pulls on his lead, but then he's so good, responding when I speak to him and staying close by. He's panting good and proper when we get back.

4. At dance class tonight, we go over the routine again, and again, and again, and again. And then again for good measure. I think I've got it. And I leave on a high. (Gotta love that endorphin rush.)


Anonymous said...

You blog makes me smile, love the concept! It's always the simple pleasures :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you! That makes my day :)