Tuesday, 29 January 2013

1. I helped someone!  And they responded. I love it when people on Twitter (even huge people - and by that, I mean people with huge followings) act like humans and treat their fellow humans the way they might want to be treated themselves.

2. On my way to my dad's, I pass my uncle's stepdaughter (easiest way of explaining it :) ) visiting the post office with her class. I seem to remember her being shy and reserved when we first met years ago. Today, she spots me down the street, waves like a maniac and gives me the biggest grin.

3. I feel bad checking on dad's dog for half an hour and then leaving him alone again, so I take him out for a walk. He's so excited to be out! He initially pulls on his lead, but then he's so good, responding when I speak to him and staying close by. He's panting good and proper when we get back.

4. At dance class tonight, we go over the routine again, and again, and again, and again. And then again for good measure. I think I've got it. And I leave on a high. (Gotta love that endorphin rush.)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

1. Tiredness prompts me to get straight back in bed when I've turned off my alarm. This goes completely against my new fundamentals, but I don't care. It feels good.

2. My brother tries on my mum's protective hat that she wears in the kitchen at work. He carries on cooking his dinner nonchalantly, while I'm bent double with laughter.

3. I finish a book that's easily been one of the best I've read in ages. I dig into the resources and start figuring out my core values (in case you were wondering: belonging, whimsy, integrity, love and kindness, and growth), and then I map out some positive rituals that'll help me to walk my talk and experience this full engagement stuff to the max.

4. Ian remembers that I need some sewing done (he's the domestic god round here!). He does the job for me with a smile, but when he goes to return the sewing box to its home, it jumps out of his hands and the contents scatter everywhere. He's baffled, and tears roll down my face. Uncontrollable laughter twice in one day = win.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

1. We set off for a walk into town just as my brother's also setting off to work. We walk through the snow together, me wishing I'd worn socks over my tights to keep my feet warm but glad that I wore my wellies. No more than half a mile down the road, a car horn blares out. We look round and see my dad, sister and step-mum grinning and waving at us.

2. The softie in me melts at the closing scene of Love and Other Drugs.

3. Mum calls me back when I go to say goodnight. We have a little heart-to-heart. I've missed this.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

1. The white wonderland outside my window takes my breath away. From the crisp clear skyline and snow white trees, to the frosty washing line suspended in mid-air.

2. I'm invited to play dolls with my sister before school again. I throw myself into it, accent and all. She concocts a story about potions that will dye whatever you want them to (skin, hair, clothes, you name it), and my doll has oodles of fun making herself gold. On the way to school, my sister giggles as she recalls our dad slipping on the ice when he took her to school yesterday.

3. In the kitchen, bad jokes abound about the horse meat recently found in cheap supermarket burgers (glad I don't eat meat - *ahem*). My mum finds them hilarious, which is beyond amusing to me (much more so than the jokes themselves).

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

1. I'm taking my sister to school again. She tells me I look very, very nice. And that she likes my coat. She as good as forces me to play dolls with her, and I have to stifle a giggle when I hear her mock American accent.

2. I turn to the window. A freezing fog has descended.

3. After a day in front of a screen, squinting and getting frustrated, I'm feeling all out of sorts. I devise my own little stretching routine and shake out the tension, before sitting down in front of some well-written drama. Total escapism.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

1. New moves in dance class test my limits. But I laugh at myself and try to keep up anyway. I'm not the only one flailing.

2. The glass door of the sauna doesn't seem to exist in Lotty's eyes, as she goes barging nose-first into it, on the lookout for Ian (as always).

3. Dad asks for a favour and is sure to express his appreciation. He refers to me by a name he hasn't used in years, which warms me right to my core.

Monday, 14 January 2013

1. I open the curtains to see if the snow we were expecting has arrived yet. There's a light dusting, but not enough to satisfy Ian, who's giddier than a child less than half his age. Thankfully for him, the flurries get heavier as the morning wears on, covering the world outside our window in a blanket of white. He can hardly contain his excitement.

2. I go to check on my dad's dog while he's at work. He eagerly takes the treat from my hand before I even get in the door, then charges outside in a craze of wonderment at all this white stuff falling out of the sky that wasn't there the last time he checked. He races round the garden like a creature gone mad, snow sticking to his back and melting in his fur. He eventually slows down and looks at the door. I don't think he's a fan after all.

3. I pop my head in mum's door to say goodnight before bed. I remind her that we've been meaning to have some 'us' time soon, and that it'd be nice to talk. We're not as close as we used to be. She reassures me that she's always there, and that there probably isn't anything I'm going through that she hasn't dealt with herself at some point. I don't think I give my mum enough credit.